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  • Long Term Solutions is an elder care solution company located in Natick, MA. Please visit to learn more. 

Business Development

I've spent most of my professional life in the long term care insurance world.  I believe in the power of insurance to preserve the quality and dignity of life.  Personal experience has taught me that insurance, while immensely valuable,  only provides the financial tool. 

Now I have the  privilege of using my professional and personal experience to help others navigate the complex world of aging and the long term care challenges we all face with our families, clients and ultimately ourselves. 

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and I'm Vice President of Business Development at Long Term Solutions

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Compac3f5fc37-3ce3-4e8c-9c8b-bfd36c178f6any was a Managing General Agency specializing in Executive Compensation and Long Term Care Insurance. We helped independent insurance brokers place individual and corporate insurance plans in place.  

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